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Garage Door Springs Campbell

Garage Door Springs Are Essential for the Efficiency of Door Operations

A garage door is opened and closed by the springs that are installed in their mechanisms. Garage door springs can be of the extension type or the torsion type, both of which are dangerous. The torsion springs are more difficult to handle and care must be taken while handling them.

You will use extension springs for garage doors that are lighter and are suitable for one piece lifts. These springs hang from the door top and will be anchored at the back of any upper tracks. Torsion springs are used for heavier doors and are normally situated on both sides of a door. They are difficult to install, and the task is better left to garage door repair Campbell professionals who will know the right ways to handle them and will also have the right equipment and tools to do so.

Garage door springs of the torsion type weigh quite a lot and are not easy to handle. They have to be powerful enough to open and close heavy doors. You must always take care that you never stand below doors that are opening or closing as the springs exert a lot of force that can cause serious injuries, especially when coupled with the weight of the door. Children must be taught to always stay away from such doors.

Even the best maintained of garage doors will develop problems with their springs after being operated at least two times a day for years at a time. It makes sense to get the springs regularly attended to at least once a year, if not more. A door that does not close or does not open properly is almost certain to have problems with the spring. Springs absorb most of the stress involved in the closing and opening of doors. A broken spring can cause a door to fall if it is in the open position, and this can lead to accidents.